Olaplex Treatment at Architect Hair in Leeds

I’ve wanted to try the Olaplex treatment for a little while now, so when Architect Hair in Leeds (Headingley) invited me in to review Olaplex at their salon I jumped at the chance! I used to experiment with my hair colour a lot in my 20’s, but I’ve been a solid dark colour with for years now…don’t get me wrong, I love it…but I fancied a change.

You’ve all probably noticed I have actually made some big changes lately with my hair length…my long locks are gone, replaced with a bob. It’s the shortest it’s been since I was a kid..and I’m honestly really enjoying it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll mostly likely be back in extensions in a year or so…but for now, I’m loving the change of length.

So, time to play with the colour!

Pinterest keeps showing me photos of bobs with fab lust-worthy colour which has had my heart pining for something a little different to all dark. I wanted to experiment a little with some lighter bits towards the ends.

Blonde (bleach) on dark wrecks the hair though, right? I’ve had lots of blonde colour (highlights, dip dye) in the past and its always left my hair damaged and broken. It was the price you paid to move away from natural dark locks.

Enter Olaplex.

A friend of mine at work, Sukhi, had tried Olaplex…she had very long gorgeous dark hair and went for a dark to ash blonde balayage. The effect was amazing and her hair condition is still fantastic. I’d heard how good the treatment was (Kim Kardashian was the poster girl for Olaplex when she went all blonde), but seeing my friend’s gorgeous mane of undamaged hair was what I needed to be persuaded to give it a go.

The Olaplex treatment is basically a conditioner that repairs the disulphate sulfur bonds within the hair structure, which are usually broken down by heat and/or colouring.

Total freedom of colour and elimination of damage – what’s not to love? — Vogue

Abi at Architect Hair was just the gal to give me the Olaplex treatment roadtest. She has a lovely confidence that makes you feel like you’re in good hands. She also has the best eyeliner in Leeds – FACT.

Colouring my hair

I wanted a bit of an ombré / balayage look…caramely blonde shades towards the ends of my hair. I wanted them mainly at the front too. The test strands (taken earlier in the week) did lift quite well.Bleached Hair

She applied the bleach half way down my hair…then dark dye to my roots to cover my (ever increasing number of) greys. The dyes was left on for around 45 mins.Bleaching my hair

At this point I remembered I’d not had any breakfast (because I was so concentrated on getting to Architect Hair early, d’oh!). Luckily The Bowery next door were happy to bring over a lovely yoghurt and muesli pot. It was lovely!Food at Architect HairArchitect Hair Salon in Leeds After Abi felt like the colour had lifted as much as it was going to (there’s so much dark colour on my ends, it’s not a simple job), it was washed off with shampoo and a violet toner applied to neutralise the brassyness of the bleach.

The colour did lift, but not as much as the test strands. As usual, with hair colour you can never totally predict what it’s going to do! I do love the colour it lifted to though and might lighten it again at some point.

Olaplex Treatment

The Olaplex treatment I had was applied after the hair colour. If you’re having a lot of bleach, you might opt for having the Olaplex mixed in with the colour. Abi told me that this does prolong how long the bleach takes to lift the colour, so if you do have this you’ll need to talk about this beforehand and book extra time.

The Olaplex treatment is in three stages…Olaplex TreatmentMy hair was rinsed and the first step of Olaplex was applied. It’s very watery and so you stay at the sink. Rinsing my hair

After 5 mins the second step was applied over the top which is more of a cream…which meant I could relax again in the chair. This stays on for up to 20mins.Letting the Olaplex do it's work

The Olaplex was rinsed off and Abi gave my hair a trim. I’m liking having a very blunt bob at the moment.Cutting my hair

Blow dry plus a little bit of straightening and here’s the finished look…Olapex Treatment at Architect HairColoured Hair with Olaplex

Olaplex At Home

I took home the Olaplex treatment number 3 to keep my hair in good shape. To use this, you dampen the hair with a bit of water (don’t wash it though), pour a 20p ish shape into your hands and massage into your hair. Leave for at least 10 mins (preferably overnight) and wash out. Abi recommended doing this once a week.

So, what do I think?

I haven’t found a single split end in the bleached bits. Seriously, not one. When I’ve had my hair bleached previously, I’ve had lots of split ends and damage to my hair. This time, nothing. I’m very impressed! I would absolutely recommend Olaplex to anyone bleaching their hair. In fact, I’d honestly think you were mad if you didn’t do it!

You can try the Olaplex treatment for yourself at Architect Hair in Headingley. It’s £30 for the treatment in the salon. If you’d like to take home the stage 3, its another £33.

* Please note that the Olaplex treatment at Architect Hair was complimentary for review purposes. I paid for the rest…and, as ever, my opinions are all my own.


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    You look so cute, love the new hair! 😀

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