Other blogs I love

There are many blogs I read and love. I follow a real mix of fashion, lifestyle, food, interiors and travel bloggers. The full list that I *try* to follow (it’s a lot of blog posts to keep up with…I usually dip in and out) is on my BlogLovin following list. I also have a favourite blogger Twitter list that I get daily digests all that feed. It’s still hard to keep up though, I probably need to slim that list down.

Here are just a few of my very very favourites that always look out for… (in no order)

Big Spoon, Little Spoon – Becca is a great friend of mine and a fab food blogger

Caroline Hirons – I credit this lady with turning my skin around. What she doesn’t know about skincare ain’t worth knowing.

London Beauty Queen – up to date news on the latest skincare and makeup…but Hayley is very honest and knows her stuff about the ingredients that go into the products

AmyLiz – I love her weekly link posts, she always finds the good bits of the Interwebz

Polkadot Pink – I like Donna’s style and she’s got such lovely friendly writing

A Beautiful Mess – The infamous Beautiful Mess.

The Awkward Magazine – Emma is a fab person and she has a pretty damn blog too.

PoppyD – I love Poppy for her humour…she’s self-depreciating and always funny.

SwoonWorthy – Kimberly is my favourite interiors blogger and she’s a very lovely lady too.

Rachel The Hat – I adore what Rachel wears, she obviously wears a lot of hats too!

Every Steph – Travel blogger from Italy…*swoons over pics of Italy*

Illustrated Teacup – Rachel’s got great style and I love her more alternative posts (lots of tattoos!)

Really Nice Food – Rebecca writes great posts on the Leeds food scene

Satchels & Pearls – Love Michelle’s blog! She’s a fab person too.

Music & Eyeliner – there are so many Leeds bloggers that are great, including Faith – Leeds events and her style

Tea Party Beauty – Hayley covers beauty and she also says it’s like it is! (esp. on Wednesdays)

Outside Beauty Inside Health – I get my dose of healthy posts from Cat

The Awkward Blog – I love Angela’s mix of blog posts…art, fun, travel, food and more.

A Model Recommends – Ruth usually covers skincare and makeup and I like her writing – no nonsense

Fabric of my Life – Her photography in posts is just gorgeous

Ally in Blunderland – She’s got the same name as me and she’s totally hot (like, TOTALLY hot). Love her style.

Lay The Table – Becs is a fab food blogger and if you’re luck enough to meet her, you’ll find she has a wicked sense of humour