Keeping it simple, at work

I rarely talk about work on this blog. I keep it as my space to talk about life outside of work…frivolous things like fashion, fun things like food, occasionally a little more deep about life. Regular readers will know I’ve been fairly quiet compared to usual in 2017 on this blog though. It started with insomnia, which affected the start of my year quite badly and then work has taken most of my thoughts since then. It tends to be that if I’m absorbed in work, I struggle to blog here also. That’s ok, this should be a fun creative outlet, nothing more. I don’t write here unless I really want to. That’s the way it should be.

But today, I’ll cross the lines from personal blog into my professional life.


I got to try out L’Oreal’s #ColorfulHair recently… rather than the usual Magenta Majicontrast that gives me my bright pinky red colour, Anthony and I thought we’d mix things up and go for L’Oreal’s newest hair dye to see what the results would be on my hair.