Parties, Hair & recovering in REDs True BBQ

Waaay late writing about my week, mainly because I’m knackered from getting the last of my Christmas shopping done, getting house ready for guests arriving and I’ve got a sore throat that’s got a real tonsillitis feel about it. F**k off tonsillitis, I do not have time for your antics this week.

Last week was pretty cool…I finally booked our Jan holiday. It did help to write the blog post about where I’ve travelled to so far…I think it helped me remember what it is I’m after from this holiday – a mixture of city, culture and beach. We finally booked a holiday which will take us to Dubai, Bangkok, Chaing Mai and a secluded part of Phuket. Can’t wait!

We had our team Christmas do this week (after last week’s full company one) which was a lot of fun….lots of dancing! The day after was all about going to Red’s True BBQ in Headingley for a recovery lunch. Pulled pork, slaw…mac and cheese. Heaven.

REDS Headingley

No rest for the wicked though as it was then onto my hubby’s Christmas meal and another party at friends. I took is fairly easy as I needed to drive over to Huddersfield to see my beloved hair genius Anthony Fellows. Had a good chat with the man himself and Rosie made sure I didn’t have any Nana-roots for Christmas. Here’s Rosie, trapped in an animated GIF, doing the same bit of hair over and over and over and……


This meme seems to be doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment…very appropriate…


That’s is from me, I need to get on with sorting out my dressing room. The husband very kindly has built me lots of big drawers, which is amazing. I just need to put ALL OF THE STUFF in said drawers now.

Happy Christmas week everyone x


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  1. January 2, 2015 / 4:39 pm

    Ahhhh Red’s True BBQ = life. Love it there so much! So glad I’ve found your blog, I love seeing other bloggers from Leeds! Happy New Year!

    Rhianna |

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