Pink Ravens with H&M

Well, H&M are on fire at the moment in my opinion. I’ve always loved browsing in their store (the online site doesn’t really do it for me….but I can spend a good hour or so wandering in the ‘real’ store). I was at the Trafford Centre at the weekend seeing friends and popped into H&M to see if I could find a belt for the husband…he spends most of his life with his jeans halfway down his ass. He went into a bakery once and the lady behind the counter remarked on his jeans-down-ass situation…she asked “is that the fashion these days?”. Her colleague remarked loudly “he’s too old for fashion”. Ahh…that’s going to make me laugh until I’m actually very old.

Anyway, I digress. The Trafford Centre H&M is a fab one…well laid out with a great section of some of the more rare stuff that they carry…which is where I made a bee-line for…erm, I mean, stumbled on on the way to find him a belt  *looks guilty*.  In this section they had some great pieces and I spotted this fab beaded jumper with pink ravens on. I love the batwing sleeves.

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Jumper // H&M

Grey Jamie ripped knee jeans // TopShop

Black suede heels // ALDO

Pink Ravens H&M Jumper

Pink Ravens H&M Pink Ravens H&M Leeds Fashion Blogger


H&M Jumper

Pink Ravens H&M


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  1. November 23, 2014 / 2:49 am

    I have a thing for pink flamingos (no reason, they’re just the coolest flock of fabulous birds ever) and I agree, H&M are always killing it!

    The Awkward Blog

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