Playing squash and cocktails in Newcastle with an old friend

Hey everyone, hope your week has been good…I’ve had a busy one (usual!). Work was very busy this week and I had to stay pretty damn organised to stay on top of everything. We popped over to Jamie’s Italian in Leeds earlier in the week for a blog review. I’ll be posting more on that soon. I’ve also written a review of my new Logitech iPad Air case and a post on how I’ve styled my first outfit for Frock Swap 2015. That will be live on the blog in the next few days.

My pledge last week that I’d be eating healthier did actually take place and me and the husband got back into playing squash again after all our holidays (oh, woe is me, haha!). We tried out a new squash club which I think is going to be the one for us – online booking, totally needed for me.

After a punishing game of squash on Saturday morning, I left for Newcastle to see the friend I’ve known longest in the world, Amber.

Newcastle with Amber

When my mum and dad moved when I was four years old, Amber was one of the kids playing in the street and was actually first in our new house even before us! Fast forward 31 years later and she’s a fantastically positive person who has more get up and go than a can of Red Bull.

I haven’t been to Newcastle many times at all, so it was great to get to know the city a bit better. Some of the architecture is just gorgeous and I’m a sucker for a good bridge.


We had a great afternoon and evening of yummy food at Fat Buddha (a-maze-ing spicy lamb and buns! so good!!) and many many cocktails…


We even managed to get ourselves up in the morning to go to the Quayside market (not entirely sure how after all of those!).

Such a lovely weekend. I’m now back at home relaxing with the hubby and awaiting our niece’s arrival who is up for her final university interview (good luck Kourtney!!)

Have a great week everyone!


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