Prashad – Indian Vegetarian Food

A couple of weeks ago, we visited Prashad (Leeds/Bradford) for the first time. I’ve heard so many good things about the restaurant, I just had to check it out.

I’d caveat this restaurant review with the fact that I do really like vegetarian Indian food. We have been lucky to have Arti’s in Chapel Allerton for some years, which although it is now closed served great quality vegetarian Indian food. I’m also a fan of Hansa’s in Leeds. So, (in my opinion) I have high standards!

What we ate at Prashad

To start with, we ordered the Tasting Platter. You get a nice amount of food to share and it’s all very tasty. I’d recommend eating the banana bits first (think they were called Kalva) as the other bits are quite spicy and effect your taste buds. The onions bajis were nice and the sauce was really lovely, much better than you’d usually find in an Indian restaurant, however the bajis couldn’t beat Arti’s for me – they had the best onions bajis I’ve ever had and I’m still looking for someone to beat them!

The waiter was kind enough to give us a free Samosa Chat (did he spot me taking photos of the food?) which was again, nice….however, again it didn’t match Arti’s. This was one of my favourite starters at Arti’s and I felt that the sweetness of the Samosa Chat and the yoghurt overpowered the rest of the dish at Prashad.

My other half had a dosa for his main – now this is an area where Prashad did beat Artis. I wasn’t a massive fan of the dosas at Artis, to me the pancake bit always tasted of a slightly odd oil. Prashad’s dosa was so lovely though. My main was the chickpea curry, I’d heard it was good and it didn’t disappoint…..really filling and very very tasty. The garlic naan that I ordered to come with it had just the right amount of garlic and was a great texture.

I don’t usually have Indian desserts (I’m usually too stuffed from eating everything beforehand), but this time we shared a Mango Shakrand. It was very rich and creamy, really good!

We ended on some espressos (I needed a bit of digestion help!) and some cocktails. The espressos were quite bitter, I wouldn’t have one again – I did also expect brown sugar, not white sugar with them. The cocktails were great, sorry but I cannot remember what they were! I do know that they had lovely balanced flavours.

The staff at Prashad were all really friendly and helpful, they told us about their upcoming venture, Bundo Bust…which sounds like a fantastic idea.

Overall, we really enjoyed it. I do think that the hype around it meant I expected to be really wow’ed, but what I found was a great restaurant that is very much like one of my old favourites. They really are great cooks providing lovely food, I’ll definitely go back. I just need to get over the loss of the Arti’s amazing samosas, onion bajis and samosa chat.


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