Private Dining with Liz Cottam (Masterchef) at The New Ellington

We had the absolute pleasure of a private dining experience with Liz Cottam (semi-finalist on this year’s Masterchef) at The New Ellington in Leeds last week.

A few foodie bloggers (Becca, Claire, Jo, Kyle, Gabby, Tom and Sammie) and I were treated to some delicious food and I’d highly recommend booking for yourself before she gets too booked up. I do have a disclaimer, she’s a friend of mine…so, maybe I’m biased…but I’m not sure it is bias that gets me to give a glowing review and everyone else seemed to love it just as much.

Private Dining at The New Ellington, Leeds

For those of you that didn’t see Masterchef this year, Liz got some fantastic comments and so very nearly made it to the finals. We were all really proud of what she achieved then and what’s she’s been achieving since. Liz has been running lots of supper clubs, popups and doing stints at Michelin-starred restaurants like The Box Tree. This week has seen her in double-page spreads in the Yorkshire Evening Post, so the buzz around her is fantastic…and rightfully so.

Anyway, enough about how great Liz is…what about the food we ate? Here’s the low down on October’s delicious tasting menu:

Mushroom & truffle consommé with wild mushroom bon bon, & confit garlic

Liz Cottam at The New Ellington

Now, I am not a lover of mushrooms at all. In fact, I’m known to have a bit of a phobia of the big field mushrooms. I figured I’d try this dish though as I do love truffles. I really loved the dish…it was super tasty.

Private Dining with Liz Cottam

I was sat with Gabby who was a fab date for the evening…

Next up was…

Fish pie with butter poached halibut, lobster bisque, salmon mousse and pureed potatoes

The fish was beautifully tender and all the flavours came together really well. Lots of nice textures going on. Yum!

Posh Fish Pie with Masterchef's Liz Cottam

Lamb breast & loin with fig and pistachio glaze & textures of fennel

The lamb was incredibly tasty, the fennel balanced it well and again…the textures were great. Another winner.

Lamb Dish at The New Ellington

With every course the lovely Rob Lorains served us a glass of organic wine which was specially selected to go with each dish. I do know that Liz really knows her wines, so I did expect that the double act of Liz and Rob would be fantastic. And it lived up to expectations…and then some. We had a LOT of wine over the course of the evening. My hangover was pretty bad the next day, it has to be said…but not as bad as it could have been. Some of the organic wines didn’t have sulphates in and some were bio-dynamic…and I’m pretty sure my hangover wasn’t as bad because of this. I’m a total lightweight normally and that much wine would usually render me incapacitated the next day.

Liz Cottam's Lamb Dish

Time for dessert…

Rich chocolate cake with soured black cherry curd & white chocolate ganache

OK. Best dessert I’ve had in ages. Seriously.

I’m a real dessert girl…I love ’em. This was a total winner of a dessert. The chocolate cake was soft and moist and the cherry cut through beautifully. Absolute heaven.

Dessert with Masterchef's Liz Cottam

…obviously we had a cheeky glass of dessert wine too.

Masterchef's Liz Cottam's Dessert Dish

A really delicious tasting menu from a Masterchef star…what more could you want? Book now to grab a table during October, November or December. You don’t want to miss out.


If you won’t take my word for it, Here’s what The Leeds Foodie had to say:

…and the wonderful Dinner at the Manor had this to say.

Hope you grab yourself a table and have a lovely time x

* Please note that my meal and drinks were complimentary for review purposes. My opinions, as ever, are all my own.




  1. September 20, 2016 / 6:56 pm

    This all looks amazing! Well done for trying the the first dish, despite not being a mushroom fan! I really want to go now, was so fun meeting her at OnRoundhay’s cooking class, she’s amazing and lovely. x

    • Digital Diva
      September 20, 2016 / 10:07 pm

      Definitely book Jennie…it’s such a lovely treat night 🙂 She’s a fab gal x

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