Refreshing The Home (& Spending Ban Update)

Hi all! How’s your week been? Have you been doing Dry January? Have you been depriving yourself in any other way? No crap food and lots of worthy visits to the gym…that’s what January is all about, isn’t it?

I haven’t been going to the gym…that’s not really me, but I have been going for some 30-40 min walks on a lunchtime at work whilst listening to the Serial podcast. I haven’t been doing Dry January either, I’ve actually been drinking red wine again because I’ve finally figured out my allergy issues – woop! So long as I take strong anti-histamines at least the day before and onwards I can have a glass or two again. It does mean I can’t have a glass if I haven’t taken my tablets, but at least I can drink my favourite drink again, eh?

#100daysNoSpend Update

As you all probably know, I’m depriving myself in other ways – I’m doing this Spending Ban which means I’m not buying any clothes, makeup or skincare for the next 100 days. It’s actually going pretty OK at the moment, but I’m only 6 days in! The only item I’ve vaguely lusted after is a Zadig & Voltaire Parka. I did pick up a Zadig bag last year in the Harvey Nics sales and I love quite a few of their items. Love this parka, but it will just have to stay in my Pinterest board – I’m not wavering!

I’m now starting to think about having another clear out of items, most will go to charity but a few items I might want to sell on. The Frugality did a great post about different ways to do this. The usuals like eBay and Depop are on there of course, but she had a few I didn’t know about too. Well worth checking out.

Refresh Your Home

Is your home feeling a bit bare since the Christmas decorations came down? Kimberly (@Redilocks) did a great post for covering 12 Steps to a Winter Home Refresh.

Good lighting is key for a nice cosy home in these winter months. I’ve been working all weekend on the Dowsing & Reynolds new home page (my husband’s home décor business). There’s some really gorgeous ceiling lights and side lamps  and new Plumen light bulbs on there, check them out if you think your house could do with something a little more…


…and don’t forget, good lighting is all about creating layers and highlighting textures. Don’t just rely on a big overhead light that doesn’t make anything cosy.

I love a home with lots of dark, inky, colours. That means cosy for me. However, Ghost Parties does make me want to paint all my walls bright white! I do like her style a lot.

Food in Leeds

Leeds folk…have you been to Afsaneh Kaviani’s Persian Supper Club? If not, you really should…she wasn’t a Masterchef Finalist for nothing! Becca from Big Spoon, Little Spoon posted a review today.

I did check out Whip Until Fluffy’s 2014 Leeds Food Highlights too. I love Zucco’s in Meanwood (their prosecco is £3.15 a glass!), The Reliance is always good…along with Bundobust. I must get myself over to Patty Smith’s! Have any of you been yet? What do you think?

Have a good week all! xx


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