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Revolución de Cuba, Leeds’ newest Rum Bar and Cantina, opened the other week and a few of us Leeds bloggers popped down to check it out.Revolucion De Cuba LeedsDid you ever go to Baracoa, the previous incarnation? Revolución de Cuba have done a LOT to change how the place looks. It’s now very spacious, bright and airy. Downstairs is the main restaurant, we were led upstairs for some food, rum tasting and mojito making.Revolucion-de-Cuba-Leeds-3340

The food at Revolución de Cuba

We started with the food…pretty glad about that! I didn’t want to get too merry on a Wednesday night. Myself, StephGabbyLouise and Leeds Welcome all sat down to try a few of their small plates. Eating at Revolucion de Cuba

We tried the quesadillas…Quesadilla

Iberico Ham Croquettas…

Cuban food

Patatas Bravas…

Cuban tapas

A large meatball called Albondiga Picante…Cuban food

…and some vegetables.Eating at Revolucion de Cuba

Cuban cuisine is a fusion of Spanish, African, and Caribbean. You could really see the Spanish and almost Mexican influences in the food. Pretty much the comments across the board from the other bloggers were that the food was very good. I thought it was nice, not amazing….but nice. Maybe it’s just the dishes we tried, but seasoning and spices all felt very paired back. It was the type of food not to offend anyone. I would have preferred it to taste a bit more authentic if I’m being honest.

The cocktails alongside the food were good…Tequila

I’d recommend the Hemingway Daiquiri (rum, grapefruit and lime) in particular.Hemingway Daiquiri

Rum tasting

I’ve never done rum tasting before, but what I do know is that Alex knew a LOT about rum!

Rum tastingIt was great to be taken through all the differences by someone genuinely passionate about rum. 10 out of 10 to Revolución de Cuba for their staff knowledge!rum tastingRevolucion-de-Cuba-Leeds-3378

I’m not to most sophisticated rum drinker ever…in fact, at all! But with Alex’s help, I did notice the differences (one of the last rums had a chocolately taste). If you love rum, I’d highly recommend doing a tasting here, they’ve got a LOT of different varieties and really know their stuff.Rum tasting

Mojito making

We had lots of fun making mojitos. Harrison from Revolución de Cuba took each of us in turn through the process of making the iconic cocktail, from the sugar right through to adding the mint leaves. Here’s Penny (looking pretty damn cool – her whole look rocks my world) having first go at it…


Mine was pretty damn good…even if I do say so myself!

mojito makingmojito making

It was also really good to sit next to Laura from House of Coco and get to know her a bit more – her hair is all kinds of fabulous!Mojito making - Laura House of Coco

…and afterwards, it had a good sit down and natter with some of my fave Leeds Bloggers, Hayley from Tea Party Beauty, Corinne from Skinnedcartree and briefly with Rhianna from Robowecop.

Revolucion-de-Cuba-Leeds-3400Have you been to Revolución de Cuba yet?

You can download menus and book a table at Revolución de Cuba Leeds here.



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  1. November 22, 2015 / 10:53 am

    Aw this looks like you had an AWESOME night! Everything seems so colourful & it looks like you spent the night with some fab gals!
    Bee xxx

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