Salvo’s Menu Tasting – delicious!

I was very pleased to be asked to go to Salvo’s restaurant in Headingley a week or so ago to have a taste of their new dishes. I was pleased because I love Italian food and I’ve been to Salvo’s many times over the years (I work in Headingley)….so I know the food is good. I once went to one of their regional dinners on a wednesday night where the wine is paired each course. I left much more inebriated than I usually would be on a school night! It was worth it though.

On the evening of the tasting, myself and a few other food bloggers were welcomed into the main restaurant (they also have a Salumeria a few doors down – well worth a visit for amazing meats and the best Italian olives in Leeds!) where we met the co-owner brothers Gip and John (sons of Salvo’s founder, Salvatore Dammone). Both immediately made us all feel at home with their chatty manner and they were very happy to answer all our questions about the food, the history of Salvo’s (they’ve been going 35 years) and what arguable really gave them the push to expand, winning “best Italian restaurant” on Gordon Ramsey’s ‘The F Word’.

Gip talked a lot about the quality of the ingredients they buy in. They purposefully import a lot in from Italy, which raises their costs but they believe the taste is worth it. I’ve have to agree.

We met Gip’s son, Salvo, who works in the restaurant and is a student at Leeds City College. Gip talked very passionately about giving talks at the college and inspiring tomorrow’s leading chefs.

What we ate at Salvo’s

The food was very good. We tasted far more dishes than a thought we would, including tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and samphire, linguine con pomodoro with fresh Scottish mussels, stuffed and baked vegetables, red wine risotto with sausage meat, fennel and parmesan, some delicious Sicilian pasta and king scallops and prawns served with a fresh salsa verde with fresh calamari and garlic mussels.

Here’s a look for yourself:

The smoked mozzarella from Cilento with Campania Aubergines was a particular favourite of mine, along with the Notte Bianche Pizza. The mixture of feta, gorgonzola and truffle gave me a taste reminder of what I’m to look forward to in my upcoming honeymoon in Italy!

I can’t wait until my next visit to Salvo’s.

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