Save The Blow Dry! …with this shower cap

I wash my hair 2-3 times a week, which means that I use a shower cap when taking a shower for the rest of time. I’ve tended to use just a cheap one from Superdrug till now, so when the makers of the Save The Blow Dry shower cap offered to send me one to try, I said “yes please!”

Save The Blow Dry Shower Cap

I liked the fact that it’s 100% guaranteed best blow dry protection and it’s big (I often have hair extensions in, so my hair can be quite bulky).

I also liked that you can reverse the cap  to use it with a hair treatment.

Now, obviously, you look quite amusing wearing one of these (my husband was amused anyway), but it really does the job! My hair has been completely untouched my moisture after having a shower. The only slight downside compared to my cheap one if that is a little harder to wash your face in the shower, due to the ruffles…but it’s not too hard.

I’ll definitely keep using it.  You can buy one at for £14.95.

Shower Cap to keep hair dry

* Although I was sent this product for free, my review was impartial


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