Sleeve Action

I love details on basics. Things like zips in places where you just don’t need them…or tie up sleeves! Utterly useless, but I like the fun of them.

Sleeve Action

My first foray into the world of stupid-things-on-clothes was a pair of jeans from Firetrap when I was about 17/18. God, I loved those jeans. They had a zip which started at the bottom of the leg and wound it’s way around my leg in a helter-skelter type fashion…until it got to the waistband. I was devasted when I grew out of them! 

Green H&M Jumper

This jumper has seen me well through my pregnancy…it’s easy to wear and adds a bit of interest…other than just being a basic jumper. Good old H&M. 

They don’t stock it anymore, but here are a few alternatives…

…and these coated maternity jeans from Bandia have literally been the best maternity item I bought. Seriously! Super comfy and stylish. I’ve pretty much lived in them since not being able to get into my normal skinnies. 

Maternity Fashion

We’ll see whether the jumper manages to make it to the end of my pregnancy with me, I’m growing bigger by the day. 

Pregnancy Fashion


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