How to style a rented home

Rented homes can be hard to stamp your own personality on…you’re limited by what you can change. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Clever selection of both furniture and also the detail of ‘stuff’ in the home can really transform a place from drab to fab.

Morgans (the estate agency peeps specialising in nice places to live in Leeds City Centre and North Leeds) say that there are more people than ever renting in the UK and it’s a trend that’s set to continue as house prices rise and deposits demanded by mortgage companies increase. They put together a ‘Blogger Style Challenge’ and invited  A Beautiful Space, Kat Got The Cream and myself to choose items from high street retailers that would perk up a rented home….and to keep the amount under £300.

I’ve chosen a few bright pops of colour and textures that contrast. The knitted pouffe to the polished concrete picture frame all feel very different…but each of them has little bits of detail that draw them together. I like items that make you want to run your fingers over them. Pair these items with a comfy sofa, settle down with your favourite magazine and relax.

So now it’s up to you…Morgans are inviting you all to take a look at our mood boards and vote (by clicking the ‘like’ button – click it a few times, it sometimes doesn’t work at first). I’d really appreciate a vote if you like the items I’ve picked.

How to style a rented home


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