Superfoods? …or Snake Oil?

One of my friends at work sent this beautiful and very informative interactive infographic around today –

It basically shows you, in order of scientific evidence, what superfoods are worth bothering with. I’ve screen grabbed all those up to the ‘worth taking’ threshold below….but you should really take the time to play with the actual tool on the link above to see WHAT these supposed “superfoods” are good for. For example, barley, garlic and oats are all proven to be good for cholesterol and olive oil is for cardiovascular disease.



You can use the filters to take a look at certain diseases or areas of concern for you. Being the typical woman that I am…I clicked straight on weight loss! The results are below. I knew eggs were great, but it’s good to have this confirmed. Grapefruit is one I’ve been interested in lately (has anyone tried the Egg & Grapefruit diet? I have!)….but the results are inconclusive. You can see Apple Cider Vinegar (heard of that fad diet?) near the bottom.


Weight Loss Superfoods


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