To switch off, or not to switch off whilst on holiday

I’m currently in Thailand and if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram…or are my friend of Facebook, you might have noticed I haven’t switched off this holiday. I’ve tweeted occasionally, posted the odd Instagram pic and Facebook update. I’ve even published a blog post (about blogging & perfectionism).

Switching off when  on holiday is something I find some people expect you to do. “Why are you on Facebook? Turn your phone off and enjoy your holiday”. For some people, that truly means relaxation,  I get it, I really do. I respect it.  However, I get annoyed if people say it to me.

I’m a digital native, it’s both my job and my hobby. I really bloody love the Internet. When I’m away, I like it if the place I’m staying in has wifi, so I can occasionally log on to see what’s going on at home (so much snow!!) and keep in touch with friends. So sue me. I still spend quality time with those I’m with. My husband is very fond of snoozing whereas I’m not, so these are the times I usually write down my thoughts. Anyway, he’s just like me really… He often needs to keep in touch with his business while away and loves posting a selfie on Facebook drinking vodka and coke!

I use the Internet while I’m away to research things to do (I do a bit of this before a holiday, but don’t usually get really into a place until I’m here), for example finding The Blether’s book online whilst sat around the pool about Chaing Mai was great and really made our trip there.

Sometimes I blog, sometimes I don’t. This time, inspiration keeps grabbing me…so I write if I want to. Often on plane trips between destinations.

All this makes me happy and I find it relaxing. I get that some people don’t though. That’s ok, we’re not all wired the same. Do whatever makes you happy and don’t find yourself judging others for being different and trying to tell them that their idea of relaxing is wrong.


P.S. I did switch off completely last year when in Gambia due to no Internet, I survived 😉


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