The 5:2 diet starts again

So I’m back on the 5:2 diet again. It’s taken me ages to get back into into since the start of this year, there was always some ‘very good excuse’ such as a too busy week….dinner out with friends etc. but the wedding fast approaching means I need to get my act together.

I’m happy with what I look like in the dress, but would like to lose a bit if I can. So I’ve planned it all in…exercise, the 5:2 diet days….all around doing the usual dinners out and general fun.

So far, so good. The first two ‘fast’ days were a bit tough, but today (my 3rd day) has been much easier. This tallies with how I found it last time I was on it too.

I’ve slightly changed my strategy this time around….Instead of no breakfast and I share the 500 calories between lunch and dinner, I decided to only have a something very light later on and now have breakfast. I realised the I felt a bit light headed at work on previous 5:2 diet days, which wasn’t ideal….as I needed to concentrate. I still struggle a bit at about 4pm. So, the tweaking continues until I get it totally right.

I’m being better than usual on my non 5:2 days, better food choices less wine etc. etc. and I even went to the gym at the hotel for a work stay-over last week….so lets hope it all pays off over the next few months!


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