Brunch at The Alchemist, Leeds

As with the rest of the population of Leeds that weren’t put off by the snow, we decided to visit the Trinity Leeds today. We decided to have lunch at The Alchemist.

I drank rather a lot of red wine last night, so I decided a Bloody Mary was the drink for me today. We both ordered a full English and then just watched the buzz. It was quite busy and there were a few tables waiting for food a while….but all things probably down to only being open a few days.

The styling of the restaurant seems a bit confused, the gorgeous vintage lights at the front over the bar really caught our eye…but then as you get further into the restaurant the different styles of lights didn’t work quite so well.

Our food arrived. The beans had been sat around for a little bit and were quite mushy, the fried eggs weren’t great, the yolks were hard…but the poached eggs were absolutely perfect and the Bloody Mary was really good.

We did give our comments about the food to the Manager who seemed really welcome to the feedback and he knocked one of the the breakfasts off the bill.

So, my summary is….a few teething problems, but a nice place to go for breakfast/brunch when in the city centre.

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  1. April 17, 2013 / 11:38 am

    I’ve heard that the food’s not so great by a friend who frequents the one in Manchester (he lives there). The cocktails are amazing though, I love the theatre of it all. I go through phases of drinking and not drinking and found that even if you don’t want to consume alcohol there is still a decent amount of options available to you.

  2. LB
    July 25, 2013 / 4:01 pm

    My wife and I visited Yorkshire for the first time last week, we wanted to cram in as many sights and attractions as possible and we were lucky enough to be located within easy reach of Leeds (by train). Whilst in Leeds we really enjoyed the Trinity Leeds centre, we had wanted to eat at Alchemist as we had heard good things from our neighbours were we stayed, but alas we go distracted by an Italian restaurant called Zizzi. I feel I must explain why I came all the way to Yorkshire only to eat in a restaurant which has locations all over. The simple reason is, I am a lover of spice, as is my recently converted wife, who once upon a time would never entertain eating anything hotter than a Korma, or a mild Chilli Con Carne. I perused the menus of many restaurants when I was in Leeds but one dish jumped out at me when we happened upon this particular restaurant on Cloth Hall Lane, that dish was… the ‘Rustica Piccante Pizza’. The main attraction of this pizza is the spicy n’duja sausage, I recommend this pizza to anyone who likes their food with a nice spicy warmth. Normally the words ‘to die for’ means nothing to me, unless you’re talking about your country or your family, but this pizza is something I’d lay my life on the line to eat. Try it and you’ll see what I mean. Here is a link to the Zizzi menu (try not to salivate too much) also here is a link to the holiday cottage website we booked our stay through We’re planning our next trip up North already, and hope to visit Leeds again!

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