The Blind Swine in York, amazing!

It’s taken me a few weeks to get around to writing this blog post about the fantastic meal with had at The Blind Swine in York, but the memories of just how good it was are very fresh in my mind!

(see images below)

We started with edible stones (potato) with a yeast dip.

Then came the very creative looking carrots & radishes with edible soil! This was served with a gin sour with essence of earth and moss (obviously).
Next came warm bread rolls with a black garlic dip on the Blind Swine signature warped record. Lovely.

The soft poached quails egg with smoked haddock tasted absolutely beautiful, the flavours were very well balanced and the presentation was very pretty.

Next came the Whitby crab with lobster oil, sorrel juice, elderflower jelly and apple petals. Another very pretty dish which again, tasted delicious. This was served with a cocktail containing vodka, beetroot, raspberry vinegar, orange and vanilla syrup.

The fillet of beef with maize salsify and ash of cucumber rind with cuttlefish ink may just have been my favourite dish out of them all. The beef was cooked very well, perfectly tender….yet it looked well done. All part of The Blind Swine charm, they like to make things look different to what they really are.

The wild bass with pear and apple, goats cheese, heritage raw vegetables was yes, that’s right, again lovely. I honestly did want to criticise maybe even something!

Watercress ice-cream beetroot crisps horseradish snow came next. The horseradish snow was very lovely. This was served with a grapefruit margarita, which was lovely and tart!

Next came the peppers macerated in a  light syrup with salted cucumber and light sorbet.

The last drink, but a definite fun one, was the cuban cigar smoke rum old fashioned with caramel syrup and orange bitters. Lovely.

Petit fours were all that was left for us at The Blind Swine this evening. They consisted of red pepper leather, potato crisps with lavender and caraway and pea & white chocolate ganache with carrot.

I felt like running up to the board where they mark off which courses you’d had, in an attempt to get them to start all over again… really was a great meal. Lots of variety, creativity and AMAZING value at £45 per person (not including any extra cocktails or wine ordered). We paid £60 per person in total.

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