Valentine’s Day Cake from Baker Days

Baker Days very kindly sent me a custom Valentine’s Day cake to give to my other half. James really misses out on Valentine’s Day, because it’s actually my birthday. So, it was nice to give him his very own cake this year.

I received one of Baker Days’ choc chip ‘letterbox’ cakes. They really do fit through a letter box! They asked me what design I would like (there is lots to choose from on their website) and I also gave them a photo.

The lettering at the top of the cake had ‘bled’ a little, but the detail on the photo was really very impressive.

As we’d had quite a lot of cake for my birthday, we decided to save this cake until today. I have to say that it was very very soft and moist…perfect to eat with a cuppa in the afternoon.

You can buy for different occasions and different sized cakes at – James thought it would be a great idea for mums buying a birthday cake for their sons or daughters just going off to uni – a little present through the letterbox  🙂


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