Vivienne Westwood at VQ Leeds

VQ Leeds is such a gorgeous place and it’s got some of my favourite shops in too (Vivienne Westwood, All Saints, Kurt Geiger, Illumasqua etc.) so I was definitely pleased to be invited to a blogger event at VQ Leeds a few weeks ago. We visited Vivienne Westwood (regular readers will know this is one of my fave brands), Space NK for a ByTerry makeover and Polpo for food afterwards.

We started in Vivienne Westwood which I was pretty damn excited about. I’ve been in the store quite a lot, so knew my way around…but I’m not terribly knowledgeable about Vivienne…or where the brand is going. I know the basics of it’s punk roots and a bit about Viv, but to say it’s a long-time favourite brand of mine…I’m woefully ignorant about the detail and where she’s taking the brand in the future.Vivienne-Westwood-VQ-Leeds-7085

Gaynor showed us around the shop and gave us tonnes of detail about where particular prints came from, which items were classics and what would be happening in the future. We chatted a lot about what the different brand lines were (Anglomania, Red Label, Gold Label) and she told us things were being shaken up a little.

Anglomania is continuing as is but Red Label and Gold Label are changing. Red Label is disappearing (well, being folded into the main line) and Gold Label is being renamed after her husband and design partner, Andreas Kronthaler. The new Fall 2016 collection debuted at Paris Fashion Week in March and was called Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood (you can read more about that and Andreas’ history with Vivienne here).

It’ll be interesting to see where Vivienne takes it all over the next few years. She’s very keen on streamlining the lines and growing the number of unisex items, because it’s better for the environment.

Here’s a few pics to show you around…  The classic Mary Janes…

Vivienne Westwood Shoes

I adore this dress. One of the reason’s I love Vivienne Westwood is the tailoring. I love the cuts she uses…lots of draping. I find these types of dresses so much more interesting. It’s why I tend to like Bolongaro Trevor and the All Saints of old style dresses who take cues from Vivienne.Dress

A must-read for Vivienne Westwood fans (I’ve ordered my copy)…
Vivienne Westwood

Loving pretty much everything on the Gold Label rail there. I have expensive tastes!Vivienne-Westwood-VQ-Leeds-7078 Giving some of her most classic styles a twist with different materials…Pirate Boots

Printed bomber jackets and the iconic pirate boots…Vivienne-Westwood-VQ-Leeds-7081

My husband James is a little obsessed with Vivienne Westwood shoes at the moment, his craziest pair are ones with money prints all over and three tongues. They’re pretty ace, but not to everyone’s tastes!

These use the plastic quite a bit that you might have seen with Vivienne’s partnership with MelissaVivienne-Westwood-VQ-Leeds-7084 If you’re a Vivienne Westwood lover like me, do go into the store in VQ and chat to Gaynor. She was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable…a really down to earth person who just loves chatting about the brand. I honestly could have stayed all night and chatted to her. You can follow her on Instagram here.

If you’d like to read more about how the Vivienne Westwood brand started, check out this summary.

More to come soon on both ByTerry at Space NK and Polpo.



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