Vivienne Westwood’s Story

Those of you who know me, know that I’m a big Vivienne Westwood fan. A substantial percentage of my considerable wardrobe (clothes, shoes, bags) are by her. I love her designs, the different style of silhouette she creates than the norm, the attitude behind the items….I’ve always just felt her looks have been “me” – or maybe who I think a part of “me” is (we all have lots of different sides to us). 

So, I was eagerly waiting for my friend Jeremy’s podcast on Vivienne. He wrote a book called 10 Words (buy it, it’s great), in which she features. This podcast is based on the book, but delves a lot deeper into some of the people featured and into their stories.

If you’re a fan on Vivienne, like me…or just a fan of fashion and culture….or hell, just a person who likes to think…then I’d highly recommend grabbing a cuppa, sitting back and listening to this podcast. It goes into the history behind the iconic woman, but not just as another biopic would…he looks at her relationships, what has driven her and her beliefs. It’s a wonderful look at a very interesting and inspiring woman.

If you liked that, you can subscribe to his podcast series here. It’s available on iTunes and all that jazz. The previous episode covered Obama – a really interesting look at just why his speeches were so good – the power of storytelling.

I love all the prep that goes into Jeremy’s podcasts (and equally into his talks, speeches and webinars about marketing). If you fancy a look at his prep and notes for the Vivienne Westwood episode – click here.

I’m going to let all that swim around in my head, while I finally (maybe) use my new bag. I think it might be one of the most beautiful bags that I own…and I wasn’t expecting to feel like that, there’s something about the gorgeous detail of it…that’s meant I haven’t used it yet. 


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