Weddings, Orchestras & Studded Boots

Another busy week draws to an end. Lots of people have been telling me I’ve been tiring them out with my endless zipping around and sharing on Facebook….it’s true, I’ve been up to a lot and although I’m thoroughly enjoying myself….I could really do with slowing down a little! I’ll try  😉

I did have a bad cold this week and so I popped into Superdrug to see if they stocked anything to up my vitamin intake. Instead, I walked out with all of this:

Superdrug haul

I wanted to try some smaller size lashes for a wedding on Friday (I struggle with the wide lashes), I’m a sucker for trying new dry shampoos and I’ve read some good things about the lipsticks on various blogs.

It was still very much a week for wearing comfy clothes. I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it hard to dress for the weather at the moment! Layers seem to be the best option. This pink jumper from Oaks Boutique is a favourite of mine and it goes nicely with the New Balance trainers I’m forever in at the moment. The bag is one of my trusty Prada handbags, bought in Rome at the flagship Prada store as a wedding present from my first husband. I still love it just as much as the day I got it and I thank him for being so generous.

Digital Diva - Fashion Blogger in Leeds

This time of year means the boots come back out, which is pretty cool. This week saw the return of my Jeffrey Campbell studded boots. Slightly heavy to walk in, but worth it!

Jeffrey Campbell Boots

Emma from The Awkward Magazine posted on Twitter that she was searching for the perfect white shirt. I knew her pain…a good white shirt is really hard to find I think! Well, it is if you’ve got a curvy figure, but want a nipped in waist. Luckily, Not Dressed As Lamb spotted our convo and introduced us to Pepperberry shirts. You can get them if lots of different sizes, including boob size! Perfect!


Thankfully I’d managed to shake the worst of my cold off by Friday to go to a dear friend’s wedding. She looked utterly beautiful and the day was fantastic (I’d share pics, but I want to be respectful of her privacy). Much fun was had with a big group of us taking advantage of the photo booth! (this one’s already public, so I’ll share it…haha!) – this is a group of some of my closest friends and husband and I bloody love it….and them!

Wedding Photobooth

I’m wearing a dress handmade by Leeds designer Little Miss Muffit with shoes from Aldo. You might notice my hubby’s jacket is from New Look from a previous blog post.

Digital Diva Fashion Blogger


The rest of the weekend brought my niece to stay with us and we went to a university open day. They grow up so fast! It gave us some great info, I was almost inspired to go do it all myself!

Last, but not least…we went to see the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra at Leeds Town Hall on Saturday night. It’s been many years since I played in an orchestra (I played the trumpet in York Symphony Orchestra, amongst others) and it was lovely to see such a fantastic orchestra play. We took our niece along with a few other friends and I hope it’s broadened her musical tastes and didn’t just bore her!

Russian Philharmonic Orchestra

Have a fab week ahead everyone xx



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