Wine Tasting, Family & Grand Designs

Hi all, how has your week been? Hopefully good? It’s nice to be writing my usual Sunday weekly roundup post and still have another day left…don’t you just love bankies?!

This week I’ve been having fun at a wine tasting with my friend Marie. It was a pressie from my bro and his girlfriend which was much appreciated. It covered wines from Australia and New Zealand and was by the Yorkshire Wine School. I’d highly recommend them, the lady who took us through our wines was very good – knowledgable and made it fun. I felt like I learnt a lot and got to taste some wines that I wouldn’t normally have.

This weekend we’ve been staying with my brother and his girlfriend in London and going to Grand Designs Live for Dowsing & Reynolds. Kevin McCloud was there doing a few talks (I noticed that he fidgets as much as I do when he’s sat down) and Philipa Forester was also there (those my age will have grown up with her on TV!) giving an excellent talk about tree loggers and rainforests.

Whilst at my bro’s, I got admire his new art (birthday pressie from his lady) which I loved. Jessica Park is an autistic artist from America…I love her style.


Links I’ve been Loving This Week

I hadn’t realised that Mayweather was actually a serial woman-beater until today. I didn’t catch the fight last night where he took home $180m, but I did see the statement that his son had to write about him witnessing his dad beating his mum. What a total dick. 

I think Lucy looks fab in this post about breaking ‘fashion rules’ and #WeAreTheThey

My blogger girl crush Ally in Blunderland is rocking this DP maxi dress. Totally want to buy that dress now…although maybe it’s more because I want to look exactly like her! haha!

Love this article by Michelle about getting a bob. It’s like every word could be my own. Yes, I still want to be “pretty”, but hell…I’d actually much rather be “cool”.

Gardner Edmunds who Michelle mentioned in her article was in a Periscope recently with Birchbox, showing how he was styling the model’s hair. I was intruiged by the curled bangs (fringe, for us Brits) and he had lots of other good tips for hair styling too. I’m loving Periscope at the moment. I’d post the link to replay it, but it’s expired.

Speaking of Birchbox, I love their colour block eyeliner tips. Definetly going to try them.

Have a lovely week all xx


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